Preventive Maintenance of Cooling Tower

Preventive maintenance of cooling tower frequency varies depending on the condition of the circulating water and the environment in which the unit operates. A well-maintained cooling tower will help, prevent equipment failure and extend equipment life.

Preventive Maintenance of Cooling Tower

preventive maintenance of cooling towerPreventive maintenance of cooling tower involves below mention checks:

1. Fan Blades Checks

  • Check the blade status. If found any major crack, replace the blade with new. For Minor crack, repair the blade.
  • Check blade angel setting. If not, set the blade angle by using angle finder.
  • Check blade holder condition. If any loose, tight by using wrench.
  • Check dynamic balancing of fan.
  • Lubricate the fan shaft.

2. Gear Box Checks

  • Check oil level, If oil level less, should be oil top up.
  • Check oil seal leakage. If heavy leakage, change the oil seal.
  • Check the gear box rotation any sound creates or not.
  • Check backlash set from inspection hole in gearbox, if required, correct it should not be exceeding the limit.
  • Tight the gear box base bolt.
  • Check Alignment

3. Coupling Checks

  • Check coupling bush condition.
  • Check radial and axial play of input shaft should not be exceeds the limit.
  • Check radial and axial play of output shaft should not be exceeds the limit.
  • Check tip clearance should not be exceeding the limit.

4. Nozzle and diffuser Checks

  • Inspect the riser spray nozzle if missing then install new nozzle.
  • If nozzle is chocked, remove the nozzle anti-clockwise & gently remove all sand & small stone piratical, after cleaning install the spray nozzle by clockwise.

5. Motor Checks

  • Tighten all electrical connections.
  • Checks for vibration.
  • Measure operating current and voltages, and make sure that they don’t exceed the recommended guidelines found on the motor nameplate.

6. Check water inlet and outlet lines leakages

7. Cleaning of Drift Eliminator

8. Cleaning of fills

9. Cleaning of cooling tower basin

  • After dewatering, clean the basin by manually or using moving machinery.

10. Cleaning of cooling tower gates, valves and strainers

11. Water treatment

Water treatment should be done to avoid scaling sludge in the pipes and condensers. Treating the water in cooling towers does more than just keep the system clean. It also prevents corrosion and scale formation as well as microbial growth. Without treatment, bacteria and algae will take over, leading to corrosion from bacterial acids and many other issues throughout your system.

12. Flush dirt and debris from the cold-water basin through the tower drain or sump strainer to maintain water filtration and keep dirt from collecting.


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